Computer Support Coordinator

Georgetown University | March 2019 – Present

Manages the Library IT team (including staff and student workers) responsible for supporting the 300+ public, staff, and shared computers and their patrons at the university’s main library.

Develops, tests, and deploys custom scripts and configurations necessary to provide the operating systems and supporting software required to ensure students, faculty, and staff are successful in their roles.

Creates, implements, and enforces technical policies and procedures to maintain a flexible and secure computing environment for hundreds of daily users.

Acts as the technical lead for library faculty and staff by providing solutions and infrastructure for projects including research, teaching, and learning.

Coordinates with central University Information Services (UIS) to ensure library technical resources are compliant, secure, and interoperable with other university technologies.

Handles escalated issues from other Library IT staff members.

Customer Service Specialist

Site5 Web Hosting | Feb 2015 – July 2015

Provided amazing customer service experiences to users of all knowledge levels across a variety of web hosting-related services. Worked closely with employees across many departments to troubleshoot, document, and help solve complex issues with web servers, email servers, and popular web platforms.

Specialized in supporting WordPress users through the installation and configuration process, and was there to help when something went wrong. Blank pages and confusing errors were no match for me.

Retail Sales Associate

T-Mobile USA | Feb 2014 – Jan 2015

Provided tailored solutions to customers to fulfill their mobile technology needs. Engaged customers by sharing my excitement for technology while working to provide them with a complete solution that includes wireless device selection, addressing service needs, and setting up a variety of wireless devices.

Built and maintained relationships with customers by initiating follow-up contact to ensure devices and services are meeting their needs. This included follow-up phone calls and emails to allow for proactive resolution of any technical issues or questions that may have otherwise negatively impacted the customer experience.

Acted as the front line for a wide range of issues including: technical troubleshooting of Blackberry, Android, iOS, and Windows Phone, setup of personal and work email accounts on all wireless platforms, reviewing and resolving billing-related issues.

Maintained high level knowledge of wireless platforms like iOS, Android, Blackberry, and Windows Phone in order to demonstrate functionality, resolve technical issues, and successfully sell a wide variety of wireless handsets.

Served as the supervisor-on-duty when higher level management is not in store by leading a sales team of four other representatives and resolving escalated customer issues.

Human Resources Generalist

DreamHost Web Hosting | April 2010 – March 2013

Worked closely with the VP of Human Resources, senior management team, employees, and board members to help design, implement and execute company goals, while still maintaining a fun workplace.

Co-lead the shopping, purchase, and implementation of a full-featured Human Resource Information System (HRIS) to replace an inefficient, paper-based, HR workflow.

Worked closely with newly hired employees by providing assistance with setting up their company-issued computer and configuring personal computers and mobile devices for access to the company’s internal network. Configuration included access to email and instant messaging services prior to the establishment of a corporate IT department.

Aided with the selection, purchase, receipt, and issuing of company-purchased computer hardware as part of the internal hiring task force.

Provided administration assistance of health insurance benefits, including assisting new hires with enrollments, making changes to coverage, and answering benefits-related questions from over 100 employees.

Field employee complaints, concerns, and suggestions to communicate and address them with lower and senior management as appropriate.

Helping to create standardized, compliant, and efficient hiring practices to bring in and keep top talent.

Created, executed, and managed a plan to relocate an office of 55 high tech. employees and their equipment. Relocated technical support, financial, and upper management teams with minimal downtime.

Managed the recruiting, interviewing, hiring, and onboarding of over 20 employees in various departments over a 10 month period. Continued assisting with hiring, onboarding, and supporting nearly 100 new employees in the following year.

Communicated with and managed relationships with third parties, vendors, recruiters, employees, and others to accomplish internal goals in a fun and professional manner.

Technical Support Representative

DreamHost Web Hosting | Feb 2006 – April 2010

Provided technical, sales, and billing support to current, potential, and sometimes former customers over email, phone, and live chat. Responsibilities included resolving customer disputes in accordance with company policy, repairing technical issues with web servers, troubleshooting email across a wide range of devices, researching billing issues using a proprietary billing database, handling charges and/or refunds, and answering pre-sales questions from potential customers. Worked closely with fellow representatives to assist them on support cases. Participated in intra-company discussions on a variety of mailing lists to request or provide help on a variety of topics.

Primarily responsible for resolving tough technical challenges that had remained unresolved by other representatives for a period of 24 hours or longer. These customer issues were generally the most difficult to solve and required high technical skill, critical thinking, and great customer empathy and service.

Successfully managed a minimum quota for resolving customer issues each day while maintaining a high customer satisfaction rate, quick turn-around time for replies, and a focus on solving the whole problem during the first contact.

Guest Control Host

Disneyland Resort | May 2004 – Sept 2005

Worked closely with guests in Disneyland while providing outdoor guest control services for the nighttime show “Fantasmic!” Provided logistical support for setting up safe viewing and walking areas for guests watching or walking through the show area. Dissolved conflicts with guests and fellow cast members, usually arising from dissatisfaction with safety rules. Positively resolved guest complaints by implementing a solution favorable to the guests, their safety, and resort policies.

Restaurant Host

Disneyland Resort | Feb 2004 – Sept 2005

Assembled and provided guests with food ordered at the Riverbelle Terrace restaurant in Disneyland. Spoke often with guests while waiting for their order to be finished and answered general questions about the resort. Helped resolve conflicts or issues with food orders and offered solutions catered to making the guests have a great experience in the resort.