Michael Singletary


I work as an IT manager in Washington, D.C. where I lead a team responsible for hundreds of endpoints. I earned my B.S. in Cybersecurity while working as a stay-at-home dad for my first son.

At home I enjoy playing with my two boys, reading, personal finance, Magic: The Gathering, dreaming about space, and exploring spatial computing with Apple Vision Pro ᯅ.

I’m also currently spending time learning to write iOS apps in Swift through Codecademy.

Things I think about:

I’m a huge supporter of digital privacy, and choose to use tech. devices and services that align with those values.

Information security has been a passion since I was a kid, when I taught myself to program in Visual Basic so I could get around restrictions in AOL’s client, and add new features. I’ve been reading 2600 since 2001 and have had (so far) an article published in the Winter 2007-2008 issue.

Sustainable energy and water supply/purification also consume much of my daydreams. I believe the United States should greatly increase our nuclear power generation capabilities and also seriously invest in water desalination, purification, and transportation infrastructure.

I also deeply believe in the public space program and hope that NASA can take a leading role in our journeys beyond Earth again. Private companies like SpaceX are doing well at picking up the slack and driving space flight to new achievements in reusability and more, but the industry also needs the involvement and dedication of world governments.

Electric vehicles (EVs), like the one I drive, are central to creating a sustainable future in personal transportation. They reduce carbon emissions through the use of electric power, often from renewable sources. Advances in battery technology have improved range and charging times, and with government incentives and growing charging infrastructure, the adoption of EVs is accelerating.

Besides environmental perks, EVs provide a smooth and quiet driving experience and require less maintenance compared to traditional cars. As technology advances, they are increasingly cost-effective and integral to a sustainable energy ecosystem. This positions EVs as a transformative force in the evolution of personal transportation. I save about $700 a year just by charging at home compared to filling up at a gas station.

Although Tesla is the clear leader in the EV space right now, newer manufacturers like Rivian are pushing the industry forward with their upcoming and more affordable options like the just-announced R2 and R3. I currently drive a Tesla Model Y, but look forward to exploring other options available when the lease is up in 2026, like Rivian’s new R2 that begins shipping the same year.

I like good causes.

Here are some of my favorites:

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